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Nutrition 4-Week Coaching Package

For those new to participating in a nutrition program and/or counting macros. Offers everything in the Starter Package with additional coaching, accountability, and personalized meal plans.
What’s Included:
• 75-90 Minute Initial Consultation
• Body Measurements and Body Fat Percentage (InBody Scanner) taken at Beginning and End of Four Weeks
• Comprehensive Nutrition Handbook
• Determine Your Baseline Health Coaching and Goal Setting
• Learn the Fundamentals of Nutrition
• Receive Four Weeks of Meal Plans Based on Goals and Workout Schedule
• Info on Supplements and Timing Snacks Around Workouts
• Check-Ins Throughout Four Week Period
• 30 Minute Follow-Up Consultation and After Measurements

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 1 month(s)
Attendance: Unlimited classes
Begin Date: Sep 22, 2018
End Date: Oct 22, 2018
Payment Terms
Price: $199.00

Due Now

First Installment  $199.00

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